Monday, 15 October 2012

If The Cap Fits...

Having been woken up at 0720hrs by our carbon monoxide alarm freaking out, Coyote and I were feeling a tad jaded as we ventured into Aberystwyth.

The CO detector is a new acquisition at C&R HQ.  See, we have a log burner that's very slightly psychotic, so it seemed like a wise move to install a little box that could tell us when it was trying to murder us in our sleep...

We call her Bunny.  Cute name, we're sure you'll agree.  However, the name was inspired by the film Fatal Attraction.  Think on.

Obviously, she didn't manage to kill us this time - so off we toddled in search of cloudy lemonade.  We like cloudy lemonade.  It's like normal lemonade...but with clouds in it.  Aberystwyth was fairly peaceful, and after a brief detour to the Arts Centre to buy some Nerds (peach and wild berry.  Tasty.) we headed back into town to brave the Sunday shoppers at Morrisons.

There were plenty of BOFmobiles around; chrome glinting in the afternoon sunshine as they whiled away their hours cutting up innocent motorists on roundabouts.  We drew level with Morrisons garage and suddenly we were both starved of breath by the sight that greeted us.  The EXCITEMENT!  The AWE!  The SHEER KNICKER-MOISTENING JOY...!

Coyote deftly swung Minty into the forecourt and I swiftly snapped a photo with my phone before we scarpered.  Apologies for the quality - it was a bit of a ninja moment - but look...


In our enduring battle against the BOFs, we've seen plenty of amusing plates.  We've even seen a couple of 'BOF' plates on other vehicles...but never on a BOFmobile.  We found it.  We found the HOLY GRAIL.

But this doesn't mean that we'll rest.  Oh no.  We won't stop the good fight until we've seen a Range Rover/Discovery driver being pelted with frozen sprouts by an angry octogenarian in an Austin Maxi.  Preferably somewhere in Pembrokeshire.