Monday, 8 April 2013

Proper Road Names - The List!

Roads.  We've seen a lot of roads.  Some straight, some not so straight; some smooth and some so bumpy that we've lost fillings.  Lots and lots of roads.  Roads can get boring.

Which is why we started giving them proper names.  A letter and a few numbers don't give you any idea of the road's character - it doesn't tell you if the road is a nice drive, if it's busy, if it's full of roadworks...and neither do the names we've given them.  Sorry about that.

But still; it's fun!  When we're out and about, we like to bestow a little bit of personality on the roads we frequent...and even those we don't.  We even take great care when we name them.  It's not just a random name that we unceremoniously pluck out of the air - oh no - it's a name based on the attributes of that very road.  It could be based on its start and end points.  It could be a name generated from the places it passes through or it could be a landmark along the way.  For instance - the A477 is called Jeremy.  Why?  Because it passes through Sageston.  What's the connection?  Jeremy - Jeremy Paxman - Paxo - Stuffing - SAGEston and onion!  See?  Simple.  Kind of.

We've even been known to name roads directly after individuals.  The A4050 in Barry is called Derek in homage to Derek Brockway - famous son of Barry.  At least that one was pretty straight-forward.  Have you had a named road after you?  Peruse our list and find out...!

A55 - Dominic
A487 - Simpson
A470 - Pablo
A548 - Boat
A477 - Jeremy
A478 - Roy
A547 - Alfie
A4087 - Abraham
A4139 - Chopper
A493 - Nigel
A4076 - Hitler
A4120 - Helga
A4159 - Sue
A44 - John
A481 - Brian
A485 - Owen
A482 - Simon
A40 - Jeff
A48 - Lido
A484 - Brandy
A483 - Otto
A496 - Samuel
A494 - Julie
A476 - Hanky
A458 - Krakatoa
A489 - Donna
A4221 - Wendy
A4242 - Geraint
A4118 - Sim
A499 - Declan
A4119 - Peggy
A4050 - Derek
A4232 - Mohammad
A4054 - Martina
A465 - Andy
B4518 - Elliott
B4332 - Rose
B4333 - Perry
B4567 - Mainwaring
B4337 - George
B4338 - Mac
B4569 - Chris
B4404 - Elton
B4405 - Obama
B4329 - Muffin
B4520 - Judas
B4353 - Ceri
B4413 - Tom
B4568 - Egbert
B4265 - Tim
M4 - Agnes

Now you've had a look - can you explain any of the road names?  There's a reason behind most of them - and if you know where the road goes, you stand a chance of figuring it out! you have any suggestions of roads we should visit and name?  All we need is a start point and an end point, and we might just take a trip along your road of choice to ceremoniously anthropomorphise it in our own, inimitably sectionable way.

If you fancy taking a punt at explaining any of the above, and if you're right, you could win a poo bag!  Seriously...we give poo bags out as prizes.  We send them 1st class with a personalised card.  Just ask @AnnParkes2

Get in touch via the usual channels if you want to have a go.  Use those methods to share your suggestions, too!  In fact, we're not fussy.  You can get in touch with us about anything - we like to chat about stuff.  Especially pineapples.  And buckets.

*Meep Meep!*