Thursday, 23 April 2015

Where Have We Bean?!

It's been a while, eh?!  Since our last post, we've been to many places.  Many, many places.  I think we've been to Pembrokeshire once or twice by mistake.  And Holyhead.  But we don't mention that.

Most places we travel to, we end up at by mistake.

*Arriving at junction*
COYOTE:  Left or right?
ROADRUNNER:  I chose last time
COYOTE: I know...but that was at the car wash.

Anyway...I'm here to introduce a brand new, interactive, ridiculous thing that we're doing.  Basically; we take photos of where we've been with a tin of, y'know, beans, in the photo.  Like this:

Coyote looking beany buff ;) 

And YOU - you lovely people - deduce from the beany photo where we've been!  Does that sound like fun?!  Yes. does.  But you won't win anything if you get it right.  Yet again, you might.  We may have something in the C&R cupboard that we'll award you for your knowledge.  Like an odd sock or a napkin from KFC.

If you're not lucky enough to win one of these coveted prizes, you can bask in the smugness of smarty-pantsness.  Which is probably more rewarding than receiving one of the afore-mentioned 'prizes' in the post.  Second class.

And that's about it!  We'll be posting our beany photos here and on Twitter...and we hope you join in!

Lots of love;

C&R xx

PS - Don't ask where the idea came from.  All I'll say is that a small tin of baked beans has been sitting on the back seat of the car for a long, long time.