Moving Pixel Madness:

A Log Cabin Tour with Brian and Belinda Boffington-Bly:

Samuel and Sybil: At the Car Wash:

Thank You - Part Two!

Samuel and Sybil Wait for a Train:

BOF Bacon Collection:

One Brave Cyclist:

Madness in North Wales:

Samuel and Sybil:  BOFmobile Hunting:

Samuel and Sybil's Apartment:

Calon Cadarn Cymru:

BOFmobiles: The Threat is Escalating:
Wales in Pixels:  A Team Effort:

Birds and BOFmobiles:

Samuel And Sybil:  Seeking Roademption:

Samuel the Slate's Quarry:

The Flatulent Lighthouse Keeper:

Samuel, Pet and Boxing:

Samuel And Sybil Hijack Monty:

Boxing And Babs:

Samuel The Slate:

Coyote Speaks: