Thursday, 27 December 2012

A Coyote and Roadrunner Christmas

Hello, folks!  We hope you all had a lovely Christmas - and that you're slowly making a dent in the mountain of leftover turkey in the fridge.

Our Christmas was fun.  We drove down to Cardiff on Christmas Eve because Coyote had to do some of that 'work' stuff.  The studio was nice and warm, and I pottered about looking at all the pretty and tempting buttons while he did his wizard bit; cueing everything in and fiddling with faders.  Then something caught my eye.  Something so wonderful, so brilliant that I just have to share it with you.  It was the chair...THE CHAIR!

Yes; they have BOF chairs at the BBC!  Excellent.  *Chuckle!*  (For the record - they're great for whizzing about in.  Nice coasters.  Brakes are a bit dodgy, though.)

Several hours passed and I got a kiss from Derek Brockway, which was nice.  Coyote tried to explain to me what all the different bits of the mixing desk did, but it was like trying to explain quantum physics to a chimp. Here's the pro in action! 
Then we drove over to Swansea where we collapsed into bed and fell asleep to dream of cheese twirls and 4ft orange windsocks. We then had a gorgeous Christmas dinner (with epic gravy that was epic) courtesy of Coyote's mum...and put a Santa hat on a very unimpressed Maisie:

That evening it was back to Cardiff for more radio wrangling.  I spent a while swearing at a vending machine that didn't want to part with its goods and then we watched Eastenders while scoffing Celebrations.  Other chocolates are available...but not in POTS 1 because we ate them all.

Then we drove back up north.  Dear reader, something incredible happened on that trip back.  We didn't see ONE BOFmobile.  Not a single one.  We were on the road for about 2.5hrs and didn't see a single glint of chrome.  It was blissful.

It's been a great Christmas.  Next up - the New Year!  Let's hope 2013 is a lucky one for all of us :) 

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