Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Coyote and Roadrunner Dictionary

If you follow either of us on Twitter, I'm sorry.  However, you may have noticed that we use a few strange terms here and there.  Of course, most of you already know what a BOF is...but what's a 'Lourk'?  Who the hell is 'Colin' and when is a sheep not a sheep?!

In this blog post, we're going to attempt to enlighten you through the medium of letters strategically placed next to each other in some sort of order.

So get a cuppa, sit back and educate yourself.  You might learn something useful*!

*This is highly unlikely.  You might smile, though.


Aberwristwatch – Aberystwyth
Abu Dhabi – Aberdyfi
Al Jazeera – Form of freeze-dried coffee
Amazing – Not amazing
Austins – Horse blinkers

Bappage – To be in receipt of a text message
Barcode Cock – Bird of prey common in Powys
Bastards – Gnats
Bastards – Hard to open containers
Bastards – Traffic wardens
Bastards – Wasps
Bastards - Weeverfish
Bee Cee Io Oo – BBC Radio Two
Beef Garda - Cow police
Beough - BOF exclamation or approval
Bernard – Roast chicken
BIF – BMW or Mercedes driver
Billy – Champagne
Blow job – Hair dryer
Bob - Husky
BOF – Range Rover driver
BOFahoy! - Getting a wave from a Range Rover Driver
Boffee – Black coffee
BOFroshire - Pembrokeshire
Bollock Brain – Term of endearment
Boocicle – Eastern European pushbike
Bosoms – Biscuits
Bus – Isuzu 
Buzby – Telephone

Car - Bus
Charts - Meteorological Tourette's 
Chepow – Monmouthshire town twinned with Japan
Colin – McDonald’s Fillet o’ Fish
Conditioner – Shampoo
Cow – Sheep
Croooss Foooxes - Pub near Dollygalloo
Crossroads - Female weather presenter
Custard – Gravy

DAB – A national radio station
Daffodil – Lorry
Defrag – To occupy the WC for a considerable time
Dollygalloo – Dolgellau
Dominianos – A pizza with a free photo frame
Donovan - Not flushing the toilet
Dykeson – Sandi Toksvig’s vacuum

ELC – Condescending voice-over artiste
Elliotts – Porta Potties
Eye Charts – Meteorological Tourette’s

Face Grease – Lip balm
FOBOF - Range Rover with chrome everything
Forks – Candles
Fred – Moth

Garda – Sheep
Giraffe – Sheep
Gobshite – Term of endearment

Hacketted – Severely inebriated
Hair dryer – Speed gun
Ham Sandwich – Tuna Sandwich
Hamster – Sheep
Handset – Machynlleth
Hedgehog – Sheep
Heilo – Standard Brithdir greeting
Helga – Log cabin overlord
Horse – Sheep

Inland Revenue – To make one’s brain work overtime
INRIX – Weatherproof jacket

Jacob – Very spindly spider
JK – Rather common person
JOB – National radio bingo game
Josh - A relationship of convenience

Llama – Sheep
Llanheadlice – Llanidloes
Lourk – Social networking voyeur

Maisie – Shower puff
Martin, Joyce and Darcy – Our Irish friends
Mememem - Audi
MerthyrMobile - Any car that's a violent shade of green
Mingeface – Term of endearment
Moon – Sun
Mountebank – Complete wanker

NEM – Mistakenly rearranged emoticon
Number 6 - Decent coffee

Octavia – Taxi

Perversion – Method of heating water
Petes – Hair straighteners
Pop Pop Pop – Error with hotel booking
Port Toilet – Port Talbot
Post Apocalyptic Movie Set – Anglesey
Princess Anneing – Masticating gum
Prodigies – Fire lighters
Puke – Particular model of Nissan

Rebecca – Fortifying vitamin and mineral drink
Regan – Cigarette

Samsung – Unreliable
SAS – Dawdling weekend drivers
Shitface – Term of endearment
Simon and Garfunkels – Men’s undergarments
Slate – Cotton
Slate – Metal
Slate – Plastic
Slate – Wood
So Long – Type of sauce; usually served with fish
Sprouts – Weapons of mass destruction
Stephanies – Cold and flu medication

Taiwan – Tywyn
Tarzanespam – Sleeping pills
Timothy Spall - Jacket
Tits – Light shades
Twat – To share information in 140 characters or less

Van - Bus
VOD – Overweight woman of a certain age

Whittaker – Any man with a grey beard
Wilcox – Floral neck tie
Woofing – Not quite the shilling
Wuckfit – Term of endearment
Wynne Evans – Ten pounds of money

Zebra - Bus
Zip – Phenomenal display of geekiness 

*Meep Meep!*

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