Thursday, 2 August 2012

Samuel and Sybil: Vehicle Identification

It takes 11 hours to travel by car from Mid Wales to Inverness.  It also takes 11 hours to travel by car from Inverness to Mid Wales.  It's one of the many mysterious synchronicities of life that we simply have to accept.

We're sure that you'll agree when we say that 11 hours is a fecking long time to be on the road.  When you've eaten all the sandwiches and crisps; when you've drunk all the Coke and coffee (this happened by the time we reached Newtown), you start groping for 'I-Spy' subjects...

"I spy with my little eye...something beginning with W."







"I give up."


"There's no bloody windsock here!"

"There was one about 10 miles back..."

You get the idea.  So it'll come as no surprise when we tell you that Samuel and Sybil didn't take too easily to being cooped up in the car.  Even though they shared the driving, they were like two kids; bickering and fidgeting - paying no attention when we told them to pipe down.  When they were in the back, we had to stop on numerous occasions to give them a proper telling-off, but within 15 minutes of being back on the road, they were at it again.  Samuel even mooned at a passing coach of WI women.  It made their day.

One interesting development came of it, though.  We discovered that Sybil has a fixation with buses.  Not only that...but she seems to have a pathological problem with vehicle identification.  All the time spent travelling to and from Scotland gave Samuel the perfect opportunity to try and educate her somewhat.  Bless his heart, he really did try...

WARNING:  Contains language that makes Gordon Ramsay sound like Mary Whitehouse.  Not suitable for sprogs.  Do not expose to direct sunlight.  Do not eat.


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