Monday, 2 December 2013

Jerry and Petula at the Drive-Thru

At the weekend, Jerry and Petula went shopping for chandeliers. They scoured Aberystwyth...but drew a complete blank. In the end, they settled for a standard lamp from Argos. It's got a natty little shade in blue and green which matches the floor-to-ceiling drapes in the east wing third floor guest lavatory though, so they're not too upset.

After their hunt, they started to get a bit peckish. The trouble was that their butler, Jamie, was having a well-earned day off - riding his favourite horse (called Richard Clayderman) in Cnwch-Coch. What would they do? Neither of them can cook (Petula can burn water and Jerry set fire to the kitchen last year whilst trying to microwave a pheasant) and Aberystwyth is severely lacking in lobster restaurants.  Not only that, but they were far too well-dressed to go and get ready meals from Morrisons.

There was only one option available... 


*Meep Meep!*

1 comment:

  1. Long live the Paramount Jazz Band
    Knacker Silk
    Forthcoming Downdump xmas special
    Lord Snuffy Dimballs recently attempted a drive thru dinner
    however Mrs Pizzmawe the cook is deeply upset
    as Arseon the butler cant remove the Range Rover n Ifor Willy Trailer from the pantry