Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Strumble Head Lighthouse

Strumble Head Lighthouse

Sometimes even Coyotes and Roadrunners have to stop for a few minutes to catch their breath.  When they do, they sometimes find themselves in beautiful places.

We took an impromptu trip to Fishguard.  Our objective: to find The Fishguard Nearly Dead Society.  We think we saw a couple of members, but their HQ is so well hidden that we drew a complete blank.  

Feeling as deflated as a balloon 5 days after a party, we sat on a wall by the port and watched the seagulls swoop and chatter as they came in to roost.  A ferry was about to depart and Coyote thought it would be a fab idea to drive as high as we could to get a good shot of it departing the harbour.  Back in the car; off we went.

Up and up through narrow winding roads we travelled; the light fading fast.  I snapped my 300mm lens on and readied to grab a shot of the ferry...but suddenly all thoughts of the ferry and her wake faded.  In front of us, flashing elegantly, stood Strumble Head Lighthouse.

It was a breathtaking scene.  Her lambent white paint reflected each flash; silently guiding, warning and protecting.  The sun was dropping ever closer to the horizon, setting the clouds aflame with vibrant oranges, reds and purples that no hand could reproduce.

We were joined by a handful of photographers who set up their tripods and sat patiently; waiting for the perfect shot in the approaching twilight.  The sea lapped gently at the rocks below as gulls flew by soundlessly; their wings as soft as the breeze.

It was a lucky find that neither of us will forget.

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