Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Legend of the Pembroke Dock Poo Bag

Pembroke Dock Dog Poo Bag

Pembroke Dock; the third largest town in Pembrokeshire.  Lying north of Pembroke on the River Cleddau, it was originally a small fishing village known as Paterchurch; greatly expanding in 1814 onwards following the construction of a Royal Naval Dockyard.

So much history to be found!  We simply couldn't resist the lure.

Pembroke's one-way system scared me.  I couldn't take the excitement.  Coyote told me to close my eyes and reassured me that we would be safe, but I curled up in the passenger seat and whimpered until I felt the car slow down.  I peeked through one eye and saw a sign that told me we were on Meyrick Owen Way.  Where would such a grand thoroughfare lead us...?

To the ferry terminal.

Coyote bought a coffee that had all the depth of a dehydrated paddling pool while I stood gazing at the Irish ferry; smiling as I imagined Michael Flatley getting pushed off the stern by a disappointed old lady in a beret.  We walked outside into the car park; the tumbleweed rolling idly across the tarmac.  (Ok; there wasn't any tumbleweed.  But there should've been.)  

But then our interest was drawn.  A dog poo bin.  And next to the dog poo bin...a plentiful supply of splendid green and black dog poo disposal bags.  We had to have one.  Looking around stealthily, we swiped one and legged it to the car.

Tearing away in a haze of triumphant adrenaline, I noticed that - the wonder!  The awe! - the poo bag was scented.  Yes.  Pembroke Dock ferry terminal has scented poo bags.  For free.  Not only that; but they even have a picture of a dog actually doing a poo on them; just so you don't mistake them for carrier bags and put your groceries in them.  That would be embarrassing.  Needless to say, we were both completely astounded and awestruck.

To this day we haven't found another scented dog poo bag.  Not at a ferry terminal, anyway.  

Well done, Pembroke Dock.  Marvellous.

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