Monday, 5 March 2012

Madness in North Wales

Having decided that they weren't too keen on their apartment, Samuel and Sybil went for a drive up north.  They took a brief detour to Samuel's nirvana - the Inigo Jones slateworks - and all was going splendidly. They weren't banking on seeing quite as many BOFmobiles as they did, though...

...and when one of them had the temerity to honk his horn as they passed, Sam and Syb took exception.  

We're still not quite sure how it happened, but it seems that as they busied themselves with waging guerilla warfare on the rude BOF in question, Petula and Gerry managed to nick their car.

It's ok though.  The effort of riddling a BOFmobile with bullet holes made Samuel and Sybil rather tired, and they were actually asleep on the back seat.

They woke up.  

We doubt Petula and Gerry will ever steal a car again.

WARNING:  The language contained in this video makes Gordon Ramsay sound like a finishing school prefect.  Not suitable for younglings or those allergic to clouds.


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