Thursday, 8 March 2012

One Brave Cyclist

It was a quiet morning at Penderyn Towers.  I was busying myself with making a space ship out of Lego (I can never find a sixer when I need one) and Coyote was running around pretending his microphone was a lightsaber.  All was as it should be...

...and then we received an email.

A video was attached that had us staring at the monitor, our shocked minds initially refusing to fully comprehend what we saw.  

We don't know anything about the sender except he's a very brave cyclist.  We've dubbed him 'ShadowSpoke' and we're eternally grateful for his incredible mettle.

What you're about to witness will chill you to the core.  You might have to view through your fingers...because the horror contained in this one-minute video is enough to give you nightmares.  Watch as ShadowSpoke is stalked by a BOFmobile and then fully exposed to the glare of chrome as it passes him.  Then watch it again in horrific slow-motion and moody black and white:

You may think that the BOF behind the wheel was being courteous in giving the cyclist plenty of room...but no.  He did that so his BOFmobile could be seen in all its gloss-painted glory.  Fact.

One other thing you should note is that this BOFmobile has Pembrokeshire headlights.  This is a phenomenon we first noticed on our last trip to the Shire of Pembroke (we didn't mean to go there.  We got lost.)  Only one headlight is fully operational.

Full respect to you, Mr ShadowSpoke.  Your bravery is an inspiration; and we know that others will learn from you.  People like you will help us win The War Against BOFs.

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