Monday, 28 January 2013

Below Her Free Sky

Soundlessly, the red kite swoops on the wind.  Feathers sleek and wings steady, she hovers for a moment - her burning yellow eyes following something scuttling through the long grass below her.  She brings her tail in and instantly veers off towards the hills, soaring high before dipping and spiralling elegantly; seeming to gambol on the breeze.  She doesn't want to feed just yet.

The gentle afternoon sunlight bounces off her back; a myriad of shimmering reds and browns as she lifts her head and catches a thermal - flying ever higher into the vast blueness until her shadowless body disappears into the clouds.

Far below her free sky, we sit and watch enviously.


  1. Wow, excellent shot!

    Have you ever been to Gigrin Farm near Rhayader?

    1. We haven't actually been to the farm, but we stopped by one of the fields nearby to take a few shots last year while they were feeding. We've kind of 'adopted' the red kite as our favourite bird - because there always seems to be one hovering above us when we're exploring new territory in Wales! We can't help but smile when we're travelling back to Mid Wales from the south and see the iconic red kite on the Powys border sign :)