Thursday, 10 January 2013


Over the course of the last year, we've been trying to educate you in The Ways of the BOF.  We've recently been wondering if any of you have paid any attention at all...

...and have decided that the best way to find out is to roll out a pop quiz - or a 'BOF Quiz', if you will!  

This will both help us determine if our tutoring techniques are any good and, we hope, make you smile a bit.  But don't think this is a test without rewards...oh no!  You could WIN A PRIZE!  Yes!  A PRIZE! (Don't worry; it's not a sprout.  That picture was the only thing I could come up with at short notice.)

We can't possibly divulge what the prize is, but if you submit one of the first 5 correct sets of answers, we'll send you something excitingly exclusive*.  We only have limited supplies of this item, but you're more than worth it if you prove you've got what it takes to be a BOF Warrior.

So, without further Apu from The Simpsons...eyes down, look in!  (And no cheating at the back.  We can see you.)


Q1 - Which of the following is a BOF's glove compartment most likely to contain?
A) Travel sweets
B) Discarded receipts
C) £500 cash for on-the-spot fines
D) Vehicle log book

Q2 - What is a BOF's favourite colour?

A) Purple
B) British Racing Green
C) Navy Blue
D) Neon Yellow

Q3 - Which of these musicians does a BOF prefer?
A) David Bowie
B) Leonard Cohen
C) Rachmaninov
D) Roger Whittaker

Q4 - Which of the following is a BOF's favourite type of footwear?
A) Flip Flops
B) Crocs
C) Loafers
D) Chelsea Boots

Q5 - What musical instrument is a BOF most likely to play?
A) Bass Guitar
B) Trombone
C) Piano
D) Bagpipes

Q6 - A BOF's favourite food is...?
A) Cabbage
B) Bacon
C) Caviar
D) Fillet steak

Q7 - Which of these counties is favoured a BOF?
A) Shropshire
B) Pembrokeshire
C) Worcestershire
D) Staffordshire

Q8 - A BOF drives a...?
A) Reliant Robin
B) Nissan Qashqai
C) Mazda MX5
D) Range Rover

Q9 - What does 'BOF' stand for?
A) Blindingly Old Fellow
B) Big Old Flump
C) Bloody Ouchy Finger
D)'s a secret

Q10 - Which letter of the alphabet does a BOF's name commonly start with?
A) X
B) Q
C) J
D) Z


So - how did you do?!

Send your answers to us via Twitter (@Goleudy or @MarkTheTravel) and if you're one of the first 5 correct submissions, we'll send your hard-earned prize to you in the post.  First class, of course.

Good luck! x

DISCLAIMER: We hold no responsibility for any confusion, bafflement, disappointment or complete disgruntlement caused by the prize item.  Please keep prize item away from children and gerbils.  Prize item is not suitable for dishwashers, microwaves or shredded as a salad garnish. *Prize item is only 'excitingly exclusive' if you don't live in Pembrokeshire.

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