Thursday, 26 April 2012

BOFmobiles Defined!

It's a momentous day here at C & R Towers.  Our campaign to raise awareness of BOFmobiles has reached new heights...

We've been graced with a shiny definition on the intertube oracle that is Urban Dictionary! Needless to say, we're chuffed to bits about this.  So chuffed, in fact, that we might have a packet of BBQ Hula Hoops to celebrate.  Please visit the page and give us a thumbs-up; we'll love you forever and leave you a pair of socks or something in our wills.

While you're there, how about perusing some BOFmobile merchandise?  You could spread the knowledge with a crisp white T Shirt; or swig some warm beer from a stein!  Perhaps you'd like the definition on a mouse mat so you can drag your mouse across it - pretending it's a tank running over one of the chrome-trimmed beasts!  *Crunch...crunch...*


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