Thursday, 5 April 2012

Samuel and Sybil: At the Car Wash

Sunshine doesn't really suit Samuel and Sybil.  They're so used to the greyness of Blaenau Ffestini(g)og that the merest glimpse of the sun makes them turn into lobsters. Foul-mouthed lobsters. But then, lobsters can't such a comparison may not be drawn.

But I digress.  With forecasters across Wales (like the dapper Derek Brockway) predicting a hot, sunny week, they had to take evasive action... they went to Ireland.  Ireland has a lot of rain, right?  Wrong.  This particular week saw temperatures swinging from the rafters.  With feather boas and HUGE earrings; possibly swigging from bottles of Pimms.  Yes.

But still, they seemed to have a good time.  They weren't nabbed by the Garda and they managed to avoid any Guinness-fuelled fisticuffs; so by all accounts a good time was had.

However, they did end up in a car wash.  Naturally, this confused the hell out of them...

WARNING:  Contains epically crude language.  Not suitable for kiddysprogs.  Do not eat.

*Meep Meep!*

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