Monday, 23 April 2012

The Roads Less Travelled

"Where does that road go...?"
Every relationship needs a foundation.  A shared interest that brings you together; that sparks your imagination, feeds your creativity and opens your eyes.  We like the roads less travelled.

When we're not growling at Range Rovers or harassing Wynford Vaughan-Thomas, we can usually be found exploring Wales.  We started off by deciding exactly where we were going to go and taking a more-or-less direct route; only straying occasionally when a concrete idea popped into our heads.  However...six months of peeking around corners and following our noses have taught us that sometimes it's just better to strike out in a random direction and see where you end up! 

Oh, we've seen some things on our travels.  A lighthouse keeper made of stainless steel.  A dinosaur in a hedge.  A zombie eating fries.  A Happy Shopper (remember those?!).  Hundreds of red kites feeding.  All of these - and plenty more - spotted during random jaunts around the country.  We've driven through deluges, nearly been killed by chickens and sheep, ploughed through blizzards and chased rainbows...all in the search for new sights and fresh outlooks.

We never know what we're going to see; and that's what makes it fun.  Not once have we failed to find something funny or interesting; we've never come back from a trip feeling as though we'd wasted the day.  The other thing we always aim to do is make people smile.  Wherever we go, we strive to make at least one person laugh...and with Coyote's uncanny knack of crowbarring a grin out of even the sourest-faced gits, this is a target that's unfailingly met!  Just ask him about the time he won a prize in Argos...

To date, we've visited 725 different places in Wales, Eire and England.  Whenever we jump in the car and toddle off in whichever direction, we take a little black book with us.'s not to jot down the registration numbers of BOFmobiles, before you suggest such a thing.  We have a little red book for that purpose...*smirk!*  It's to make a note of each place we pass through:

Thinking about it...this is a bit geeky isn't it?  Oh bugger.  Never mind; at least we have a note of where we've been - so we can avoid the local constabularies should we retrace our steps at any point ;)

Which - with no regard for cohesive links whatsoever - brings me on to coffee.  Coffee is very important to us when we're off stomping all over the country.  In fact, we're slowly becoming quite proficient in the identification and avoidance of shitty coffee; something we're quite smug about.  Allow me to give you a brief critique of the good, the bad and the downright hideous...through the medium of memes: 




Sadly, a meme hasn't yet been created to convey the horror and mental scarring caused by the coffee you're tormented with on Irish Ferries.  It's just wrong.

Who needs hot, sunny countries when you have glorious landscapes and a tapestry of history on your doorstep?  We don't.  As long as we have caffeine and diesel...and Ginsters slices, Pepperamis, Jaffa Cakes, Smints, Lucozade and Square Crisps (salt n' vinegar, please)...we'll continue to lift the carpet on our fair isle.  There are so many things to see; so many facts to learn and so many smiles to find; we're going to be kept busy for quite a while.  

Who knows what lies around the next corner?  We don't...but we're going to find out!


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