Monday, 16 January 2012

Samuel and Sybil Hijack Monty

Having joined us on a few journeys recently, Samuel and Sybil the Slate (from Blaenau Ffestinigog) seem to have developed quite a love of gadding about Wales. 

Recently, we were enjoying an afternoon off when Samuel approached Coyote.  In his inimitable, gummy way, he asked Coyote if he could borrow Monty’s keys.

Now...between you and me, Coyote isn’t the most sensible of characters.  Not only that; he’s also incredibly generous.  This is a lethal mix when faced with a gnarly old slate quarry owner who has beady, puppy-dog eyes.  If I hadn't been busy looking for sharks in the hotel swimming pool, I would've dissuaded him.  Sadly, in my absence, he handed the keys over. 

My camera was in the glove box.  Through some sort of miracle, Sybil must’ve figured out how to switch it on without maiming herself; because I found the following footage when I came to clear the SD card...

Looks like they had a good time.  Terrible language, though.  Absolutely disgusting.  Tsk.

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