Monday, 16 January 2012

Boxing, Babs, Samuel and Sheep

It's been another epic weekend of Coyote and Roadrunner randomness.

After spending Friday night in the company of Uncle Penderyn and Auntie Stella, we were a little bleary-eyed when Saturday arrived.  That, however, didn't deter us.

It had been a while since we paid Wynford Vaughan-Thomas a visit, so we popped up to see him with a few things to ask his opinion on.  Coyote was pretty sure that he saw us coming and started chuntering...but he was more than happy to share his viewpoint on a variety of items after we'd bribed him with a pint of ale and a steak and onion pie.  We'll share his wisdom very soon.

On the return journey, we were joined by Samuel the Slate and his wife Sybil; Boycie and Barbara Windsor.  We stopped to intrigue some sheep...and we had some fun with a boxing glove.


[WARNING:  Contains some naughty language, terrible laughing, a lot of rudeness and a storage container.]

*Meep Meep!*

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