Monday, 13 February 2012

BOFmobiles: The Threat is Escalating

Ladies and gentlemen.  Please forgive us, for the news we have to impart is less than positive.

Coyote and I have just spent a typical weekend enjoying some tasty Welsh exploration.  We concentrated on mid and north Wales this time; and were deeply disturbed by what we saw.  It appears that the BOFmobile infestation is reaching pandemic levels.

Over the course of two days, a constant stream of them crept up on us from every angle.  We were even stalked by one in Barmouth.  We think he was after our cake.

Unfortunately, I have a cold.  My usual, finely-honed Roadrunner nose is rather below I couldn’t alert Coyote to the whiff of bacon and Chelsea boot polish that usually warns of an impending BOFmobile ambush. 

That means we were forced to take sharp, evasive action on more than one occasion.  Monty left some rubber at the scene of one escape and we’ve run out of hand grenades.

Please watch the following video.  It doesn’t make for pleasant viewing and you may be upset by the images, but we believe you must understand the scale of terror that we’re all facing. 

With knowledge comes power; and with power comes the ability to stop this dreadful onslaught.  We hope.

WARNING:  Contains graphic images of BOFmobiles and FOBOFmobiles.  Not for the faint hearted. 

We will not surrender.  Our research will continue and we will bring you new information as we discover it.  Until then - please remain calm and vigilant.

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