Monday, 23 January 2012

Samuel, Pet and Boxing

We’ve been having rather a lot of fun with a pair of boxing gloves recently.  So much fun, in fact, that we  didn't notice when Samuel the Slate crept into the kitchen of our  apartment and stole Monty’s keys.  I told Coyote not to leave them on the table; but he didn’t think that my idea of stashing them in the garbage disposal was much cop.  Tsk.

It would seem that Samuel’s showing a rather posh lady around Wales.  All we know is that her name’s Petula and that she has a pony.  And a Porsche.  And that she likes Pimm’s.  We know this because of the footage left on Auntie Pentax when Monty was eventually returned; covered in starling poo.

She’s a bit of an enigma, this Petula.  What’s she doing in Wales?  Why does she sound like she’s got a plum (a tin of them) in her gob?

Perhaps we’ll hear from her again.  In the meantime, see what you think...

WARNING:  Contains the usual foul language from Samuel.  Petula doesn’t swear though.  Gosh, no!

*Meep Meep!* 

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  1. Ooooh, nice lots of ARAF to be seen there, some of it was even inverted ARAF which was a pure delight to behold. As for Petula and "plums in her mouth", I don't think I'd better venture down that particular dirt track of speculation...