Wednesday, 1 February 2012

BOFmobiles: Important New Information

It would appear that BOFmobiles are also available in white.  Repeat:  BOFMOBILES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE IN WHITE. 

Up until now, we believed that all BOFmobiles were dark; but we were horribly mistaken.  This FOBOFmobile (Full-On BOFmobile) was spotted in Flintshire at the start of the week.  

Once satisfied that it wasn't just a BOFmobile covered in snow, we approached it with due caution - slowly passing behind it so as not to alert it to our presence.  While it was looking the other way (it was distracted by a man walking out of a cafe with a bacon sandwich.  Might well have been its owner), we parked up and observed it quietly from the opposite side of the car park.  We remained at a safe distance; ready to spin to safety should the BOFmobile's owner spot us.

Note the tinted windows and chrome trim.  Two sure-fire signs that this vehicle - although white and not the usual black, dark blue or dark green - is owned by a BOF.  There's probably a linen jacket hanging up over the back seat and a pair of freshly polished Chelsea boots in the...well...boot.  The upholstery will be immaculate and smell of expensive aftershave with a hint of smoky bacon.  There will be a Rachmaninov CD in the stereo.  There will be a spare Savile Row tie in the glove box.

It has also come to our attention that BOFmobiles may originate in Pembrokeshire.  We spotted this sign while stocking up on poo bags recently:

So please be warned.  Be vigilant.  By sharing knowledge, together we can avoid the BOFmobiles.

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