Monday, 6 February 2012

Forty Things A BOF Will Never Say

  1. My home county is rubbish 
  2. I dislike Rachmaninov
  3. Would you like to come to my house for a coffee? 
  4. I love housework 
  5. I’m great at improvisation 
  6. I dislike tinted windows
  7. Only creeps smirk 
  8. Vintage car rallies are for old men with beards 
  9. I frequent McDonald's 
  10. I never wear linen jackets 
  11. I always shop at Lidl 
  12. What's a script? 
  13. Sprouts are lovely 
  14. My Chelsea boots are second hand 
  15. I drive a Volvo 
  16. I go to the gym three times a week 
  17. I just can't do a thing with my hair 
  18. I buy my ties at Matalan 
  19. Bacon gives me indigestion 
  20. I can't abide opera 
  21. Happiness is more important than my career 
  22. I'm on a diet 
  23. I'm a vegetarian
  24. I hate politics 
  25. Thrash metal is awesome 
  26. It's vulgar to talk about money 
  27. I have loads of Twitter followers 
  28. The news bores me 
  29. I've always wanted to go skydiving 
  30. I look great in a wetsuit 
  31. I would never plagiarise 
  32. Range Rovers suck
  33. I always support my colleagues 
  34. I never pontificate 
  35. I stopped using a Filofax in 1987
  36. I'm not perfect
  37. Credit where credit's due
  38. I'm more than happy with my salary
  39. This blog is hilarious
  40. Thank you

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