Thursday, 5 January 2012

Poo Bag Pretenders

Poo bags.  They've become a bit of a feature on this blog, haven't they?  They've become a bit of a feature in pretty much everything Coyote and Roadrunner do, really...

...which is rather amusing as, even though we both have dogs, they don't come with us on our random and always unplanned adventures around Wales.  In case you're reading this and haven't got a clue what we're talking about, you'd better have a quick shufti at this:  That's where it all started.  We've even returned since to boost our supplies!

Now then.  Christmas is a time for giving, right?  Right.  And it's always nice when you're given something that obviously has some thought behind imagine our delight when Coyote unwrapped a present from Roadrunner's dad's girlfriend and found POO BAGS inside!  The glee!  The wonder!  The awe!  Feverishly, we opened the box to check them out.  Would they rival the legendary Pembroke Dock poo bags?  Could the Pembrokeshire town be about to lose its poo bag crown?  The suspense was immense!

It didn't happen.  The bags in question were black and, although they carried a pleasant scent, they couldn't match the delicate bubble gum whiff and sheer quality of the ferry terminal bags.  Plus...these pretenders had been paid for.  The Pembroke Dock poo bags are free.  Yes - gratis.  No strings attached.  (Ok; so the new bags only cost £1 and it's a little more expensive than that to travel to Pembrokeshire...but that's just a minor issue that isn't worth quibbling over.)

These bags didn't even have a picture of a dog doing a poo on them.  That must be a design fault; after all, can you imagine the confusion?  Without a picture of their purpose, one might mistake the bags for actual bin bags - leading to much frustrated disappointment when you can't fit them in your kitchen waste vessel. 

No; Pembroke Dock still shines as the Mecca for discerning poo bag hunters.  Splendid.

If your local park or ferry terminal offers poo bags, please let us know.  Although impressed to bits by the Pembroke Dock bags, we're always on the lookout for improvement.  We might even pay your town a visit to check them out!  You have been warned.

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