Friday, 6 January 2012

Ode to Monty

Ode to Monty

Monty is a car with cojones
An intrepid Mystery Mobile
With his climax control set to twenty-one
He's brimming with 4-wheel appeal.

Coyote and Roadrunner love him
He's the third member of the team
He takes them to some incredible places
Some obscure and obscene...

But wherever the trio eventually land
They always find something bizarre
Holyhead to Tenby
In Monty - the Cayman blue car.

Poo bags, wheelbarrows and ruins
Onion rings, coffee and beer
A one-legged man on a speed bump
Starlings mobbing a pier 

Ancient cans of Lucozade
Discarded party hats
Lighthouses flashing on the ocean
Barbed wire fences, cow pats.

Monty takes it all in his stride
Through sunshine, downpours and gales
Give him a wave if you see him sometime
On his intrepid travels through Wales :)

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